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Sharing the African American Experience

Presented By: Dennis Carline 

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Transform any area into your very own African American History museum.

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Educational Resources

“Education is the key that unlocks the potential to your greatness” TM – Dennis Carline

History and Culture

If you enjoy reading, here is a link to an abundance of articles relating to African American history and culture. Feel free to browse around for more information regarding any of the pieces that you see in the exhibit.

Zinn Education Project

If you’re interested in free and downloadable lesson plans and articles then be sure to check out the link below. This resource teaches African American history and culture based on theme, time period, and reading level.

Cultural Training Materials

We’ve also created our very own teacher training to share with educators on cultural awareness, collaboration, inclusion, and tolerance.

Here at African American Mobile Display we want to spread awareness of all facets of African American history and culture.

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We look forward to hearing from you and would love to help you transform your area into an engaging and informative African American museum. 

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